LAILA Eau de Parfum Spray

The Laila glass perfume bottle has a substantial weight with a brushed silver lid and a spray dispenser. Laila is written on the front in cursive and simple flowers decorate the back of the bottle. Delicate, feminine and floral is how I would describe the scent. Its lovely and classic. The House of Geir Ness, Norway, produces this perfume and it is named after the creator’s mother – Laila. The bottle describes it as the essence of Norway.

The Hand & Body Cream comes out of the container a light blue color, but quickly absorbs into the skin clear. With the same beautiful scent as the eau de parfum, the moisturizing lotion is enriched with vitamins A and E as well as aloe vera, honey extract and natural scents. The 7 fl oz size that I purchased was a special edition size.

I bought the parfum spray and lotion in a set with the Hand & Body Cream during a Nordstrom Trend Show a couple of years ago. I had never heard of the perfume but fell in love with the scent. Nordstrom says that it carries the larger 3.4 fl oz size of the eau de parfum exclusively, but I have seen that also Disney World and carry some versions of this line. The scent is long lasting. I received a compliment from a girlfriend about its beautiful scent when I wore this to a get together just last weekend.

  •, $53.00 USD 1.7 fl oz size and $73.00 USD 3.4 fl oz size of the eau de parfum
  • scent: Laila
  • weight: 1.7 fl oz or 3.4 fl oz
  • Made in Norway, distributed by Laila Inc. Los Angeles, CA –


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