TOO FACED Shadow Bon Bons palette

The Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons eye palette comes with 12 eyeshadows, one Shadow Insurance and one Lashgasm Mascara. I decided to purchase this large kit because it was on sale, I liked the selection of eyeshadow colors and I have wanted to try the shadow primer. The packaging has a fuzzy light pink outer surface, the lid stays shut with a magnetic closure and lifts to reveal a mirror. Next to the eyeshadows are two indented rectangles that hold the primer and the mascara.

I couldn’t resist the sale on this item, I saved $17.00. And while this set is not one that will fit in my purse or travel easily, I like to have it on the counter in the bathroom to use. The eyeshadow colors come in a very nice range of lights and darks as well a variety of frosted, sparkly and matte shades: Vanilla, Cut the Cake, Framboise, Coffee Bean, Peach Fuzz, Hot Cocoa, Candy Rose, Lovey Dovey, Nude Beach, Marzipan and Licorice Latte. I have found that one combination I like to use is: the Lovey Dovey for a liner, the Framboise in the outer corner of the lid, Cinnamon Sugar in the crease, Vanilla just under the brows for a highlighter, and either Peach Fuzz, Cut the Cake or Nude Beach for the lid color (not going too heavy on any of them). The Lasgasm’s brush has very fine and short plastic tines and can be used with multiple applications to build lash length. I really like the Shadow Insurance Candlelight Eye Shadow Primer, it has a delicate gold tint and works great as a base for eyeshadows or worn alone for a lighter look.

All these products remove easily with soap and water, although a little eye makeup remover for the lashes finishes off any residue.

  •, $42.00 regularly (I bought this one on sale for $25.00), 2013
  • Shadow Bon Bons
  • Distributed via Irvine, CA

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