TOO FACED Little Black Book of Beauty

This little palette contains a lot of color. It is roughly 3 inches by 4.5 inches and a little less than 1 inch deep. It has a shiny plastic case with a hinged lid. And, although I think it is no longer available, it gives you a good idea of the ranges of shades Too Faced produces. It has one face highlighting color, one bronzer, and two blushes. Under the mirror that is above the eyeshadows is a pale pink lip gloss. And, it came with a small Lash Injection mascara – to complete the look.

All of the colors are go well with my slightly olive,and fair complexion but can be built up for darker complexions. The top two larger trays on the top left are highlighter – Sugar Cookie and bronzer-Golden Girl. Both of these are finely milled and go on lightly to enhance your complexion. The two lower trays on the left side are both blushes – Peach Sugar and Pink Velvet. The outer eyeshadow colors are, clockwise from the upper left corner: Light Beige Shimmer, Light Pink Champagne, Matte Rose, Brown Shimmer, Olive Green, Black Shimmer, Purple Shimmer, Taupe Shimmer, Warm Bronze Sparkle and Nude Sparkle. The two center eyeshadows are: Copper and Mauve. I think any of these will work fine for day, except maybe the Purple Shimmer, and the darker ones can be applied more heavily to create elegant evening makeup.

The only problem I’ve had with this set is that the left hand tray tend to fall out – I think I may try a sturdier glue to solve this issue.

  •, $36.00 original price 2012 (on sale $18.00)
  • Little Black Book of Beauty
  • Distributed via Irvine, CA

Too faced Little Black Book & boxToo faced Little Black Book openedToo Faced Little Black Book closed

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