This is a review of a set of eyelid primers that I have and use. The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potions came as a set – my favorite is the original version which turns clear when applied. Greed is gold on the eyelid and Eden is nude. All the UD primers are a bit thicker than liquid and apply with a wand, after which I usually blend them over the entire lid with my finger then let them dry before putting on eyeshadow (liquid eyeliner can go on right over the top of them). The Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials applies similarly, also with a wand – its color is Soft Peach – which is unfortunately now discontinued (however, it also comes in Bare, Demure, Linen, Nude, Sand and Sheer Gold colors). The Buxom Stick Around primer color is Captive, it looks nude but actually goes on fairly clear. The bareescentuals ‘Primetime’ primer comes in several colors – the color I bought is brightening pearl which is a sheer pearl color.

I started to incorporate eyelid primers into my daily makeup routine when I got a wider range of eyeshadows, some that need a little help to last the whole day without a touch up. My ‘go to’ primer is usually the UD original primer. It keeps my eyeshadow on well and does not cause any tugging to the sensitive eye region. I bought the Buxom primer because it could be applied directly from the stick form of the product and did not need any blending or drying, but it does cause the eyelid to pull a bit. If I need a quick an easy primer I use the Buxom. I probably use the Trish McEvoy the least but I really like the light peach color, and it also holds the shadows well through the day.

  • UD Primers: urbandecay.com, the full sized primers now come in tube packaging, 2 travel sized primers $9.00 and a set of 4 tubes is $20.00
  • Buxom Stick Around Eye Primer by bareMinerals: Sephora.com, $20.00
  • Trish McEvoy Eye Base: Nordstrom.com, $25.00
  • Bare Escentuals ‘Primetime’ Eyelid Primer: bareescentuals.com, $18.00

eyelid primersDSCN0205Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potions copy

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