BURBERRY Light Glow Natural Blush – Peony Blush No.04

This powder blush has a very fine grained texture and stays on well, it provides a sheer glow to the face. Silicones give it a smooth application. Its silver case is packaged in a grey cloth pouch. The case’s lid opens to reveal a large mirror and the blush comes with a small, flat brush. The Peony color is a very pale, cool pink – works well for a daytime cheek color. This particular color works well for fair skin. It is good to put on a second, quick application during the day to keep the color fresh.

I purchased this blush, looking for a new light blush for spring. The colors Burberry has created are all lovely and they have a nice range of warm and cool shades. I had a difficult time deciding between this one and No.2 Cameo Pink – which is just a bit warmer than this one. The palest and most neutral of the shades offered is No.08 Misty; the brightest, warmest shade is No.10 Hydrangea; and No.09 Coral Pink is perfect for this season’s color palette.

Removes easily with soap and water.

  • Nordstrom.com, $42.00, 2013
  • COLOR: No.4 Peony
  • Weight: 7g, .24oz
  • Made in Italy
  • Burberry Peony Blush with box - openPeony Blush No. 4 closed
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