SMASHBOX Hazel Eyes Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette

I’ve started using more Smashbox products lately due to the excellent color combinations they put together. I also like that this set is arranged to tailor to eye color. The Hazel Eyes palette contains a range of shades and tones. The three top colors are marked as the SOFT TRIO to create softer daytime looks. The bottom row is the SMOKY TRIO for more sultry evening makeup. The label on the bottom of the palette opens up to show how to use the sets of colors to create one natural look and one smoky look. The palette comes with one double-ended brush, and a large mirror inside the lid. It is roughly 4.5 inches x 3.0 inches in size.

I was drawn to this palette because it was selected for my eye color, and also because of the appealing selection of colors – in shades that I most use. The recommended application for each set of colors is – 1. use the first color for the lid from lashline to crease, 2. sweep the second color along the lashline for definition and 3. brush the third color into lid crease.

top row SOFT TRIO – BLISS – matte cream; FORTUNE – shimmering beige; SAGE – shimmering warm medium green

bottom row SMOKY TRIO – PASTEL – matte pale pink; MAJESTIC – medium purple with a bit of sparkle; OBSIDIAN – deep sparkling navy

  • COLOR: Hazel Eyes
  • Weight: 16 oz, 4.56oz
  • Made in USA

Smashbox Hazel Eyes openSmashbox hazel eyes box



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