SEPHORA by izak Satin Kiss Twin Lipstick Set

The packaging for this product is novel. Each end of the tube holds a different shade of the color Coquette – one light and one dark. You press on one end to push the lipstick out the other side to use, and press it back in when done. The two lipsticks are pressurized to stay in the tube well without lids, it takes a push to release them. I initially purchased this lipstick because I found it with the sale items, liked the design of the girls on the sides and also have had past good experience with Sephora’s lipsticks. I found the mechanics of the case very unusual and bought one for my sister too, after I received mine.

The lighter of the two colors is a nude pink and the darker shade is a mauve plum. I like both colors very well. The lipsticks themselves do not have a particular scent, they do have a nice texture and good coverage. The lighter shade works well for day and the darker shade for evening. Sephora no longer carries this particular packaging of their lipstick, however they do have a very good range of colors of their Rouge Shine Lipsticks that are $12.00 each. And, they have at least two palettes still available that are ‘by izak.’

  • COLOR: Coquette – light and dark

Sephora by isak - case side with girlSephora by izak Lipstick CaseSephora by izak Double Lipstick 2 swatches

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