MAC Fix+ Finishing Mist

MAC Fix + will make a great finishing touch to any makeup routine. Fix + is a vitamin and mineral water spritz for your face that is infused with the calming ingredients of green tea, chamomile and cucumber, with a nice smell. Its clear, and goes on sheer. The product comes out in a fine mist when sprayed over the face, and the packaging allows you to lock the spray nozzle so that it doesn’t spill when transported. It instantly sets my makeup, and is especially good at ensuring powder and mineral makeups do not appear powdery on my skin.

I had been resistant to any treatment that might make my skin oily because mine already has the tendency to create too much oil. However, especially as I gain years, I am concerned about my skin staying moist and so decided to try this after reading some good reviews. Fix + works well as a last step to makeup application to set makeup for the whole day, regardless if you have oily or dry skin. It can also be used before makeup if your skin is particularly dry. It refreshes skin and gives it a dewy look.

Fix + can also be used to spray eyeshadow brushes before applying eyeshadow. It helps set eyeshadows, particularly those that tend to have fallout.

  •, $21.00
  • 3.4 fl oz, 100 ml
  • Made in USA

Fix Plus, Pkg

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