SPRING 2013 Beauty Trend Show

As spring emerges, trending looks include metallic, frosty eyeshadows; natural full or classic red lips; glossy tresses; and pale, dewy pink cheeks. Trendy colors are corals and blues.

I just went to the Nordstrom Trend Show at Bellevue Square in Washington State over the weekend – on March 23rd, 2013 – with a friend. This year, they held the fashion show on the 2nd floor instead of the 1st floor as they have in past years. There seemed to be a pretty good crowd and they used the same DJ I’ve seen there before – who is amazing with the music and occasional input about the show. They gave away a small turquoise and brown bag with a few beauty samples inside.

My friend had her appointment with the Bare Essentials counter and I had mine with Smashbox. I really liked the bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer in Brightening Pearl, it has a bit of a pearl to it and would look great even worn alone.

I had my appointment with Smashbox, because I wanted to try some of their new eye palettes. My makeup artist used a face primer, foundation, eye primer, eyeshadow, gel liner and mascara on my face. The items I ended up purchasing are:

  1. Entice Me eyeshadow palette – (that has a fun Love Me logo by graffiti artist Curtis Kulig) and five eyeshadow colors – light warm pink, pale aqua blue, metallic bronze, metallic mauve and navy with aqua micro-glitter). The sticker on the bottom of the palette peels back to reveal a suggested application of the shades. I really like this palette, but wish it came with a small brush.
  2. Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder in Light – The lid of the round container for this power opens to reveal a silver plate with small holes for the power to be shaved off through. You twist the top of the packaging to sheer off the right amount of powder – which is great in keeping bacteria from growing on the surface of your powder. Is oil-free and talc-free as well as hydrating.

I plan on blogging these items soon. Stay tuned.

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