TOO FACED Absolutely Invisible Candlelight pressed powder

This powder gives the wearer luminous skin. It is marked as a softly illuminating translucent powder that is truly invisible. It does go on sheer and reduces any shine. It has tiny flecks of gold that reflect the light and enhance the skin, especially in low light (candlelight in particular). It also contains anti-oxidants and is enriched with vitamins A and C to nurture the skin.

I like to use this powder as a final application in my makeup routine, to perfect and set my look. It is very nice to use in the evening when going out on a date or with friends, excellent to create a radiant look.

It come off easily with soap and water.

  •, $30.00
  • COLOR: Translucent
  • Weight: .32 oz, 9.0 g
  • Made in Canada

TOO FACED Candlelight (open)TOO FACED Candleight (closed

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